Project Impact

As a complement to the face-to-face teaching of the NGCE learning modules, the Global Dialogues series was organized and executed to allow local students to interact with peers from around the world. 

The Global Dialogues series featured four virtual online discussions led by experts and academics in various fields of expertise. Spanning different topics from environmental protection to gender inequality, students and staff from over seven different countries engaged in discussion and shared their perspectives and ideas. Both students and staff enjoyed the activities very much and they were definitely enriching and eye-opening for everyone involved. 

Find out more about each one below.

Global Dialogues I - Fast Fashion

Everyone has their favorite clothing brand. Is yours a fast fashion company? Are you aware about the issue of fast fashion? The first installment in the Global Dialogues series addresses the serious but little-known problem of fast fashion and its destructive impact on the environment and what we can do in our everyday lives to remedy the situation.  

Global Dialogues II - Climate Change and Creative Art

Climate change is a controversial topic that is so well-known and well-discussed that we may have become desensitized to the daunting problem at hand. In the second Global Dialogues, we explored the issue of climate change through the lens of contemporary creative art designed by African artists as they used their amazing talents to portray the dire situation of the environment and advocate for change.

Global Dialogues III - Climate Change and Green Economy

In the third installment of the Global Dialogues series, we continued to explore the hot topic of climate change. However, this time, we focused on one of the possible solutions — green economy, which is based on the concept and philosophy that economic growth and environmental protection do no have to be mutually exclusive. Both the economy and the environment can coexist in harmony as long as humans are able to strike a balance between the two.

Global Dialogues IV - Women's Education and Community Empowerment

In the final Global Dialogues, we examined the problem of gender inequality in grassroot communities, women’s limited access to education and its profound negative impacts on societies as a whole. We discovered that by encouraging women’s participation in education, both individuals and communities benefit from the empowerment.