Inter-institutional Collaboration

The Nurturing Global Citizenship Through English (NGCE) program would not have had the far-reaching impact and success without the tremendous support offered by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). 

Throughout the academic year, our partner institutions have held various activities closely related to global citizenship that were open to all local students in Hong Kong. Students from different universities were able to meet both online and in-person at these interactive events and share their learning journey in learning English and becoming  a global citizen.

Find out more about the activities hosted by our partner institutions below.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

A Dialogue between Current Leaders of Global Citizenship and the Future Global Citizens

The CUHK Team hosted an interactive event that allowed students and staff from various tertiary institutions in Hong Kong to engage in meaningful dialogues with six current leaders of global citizenship (GC). Each speaker spoke about a GC -related incident close to their heart or a recent issue related to the GC series topics. Students from the three participating universities – CUHK, HKBU, and EdUHK enjoyed interacting with the speakers and with each other in exchanging their views and experiences.

The Education University of Hong Kong

Embracing Diversity in English: A Journey through World Englishes

The EdUHK Team offered an interactive platform for all attendees to engage in discussion on the four modules developed by EdUHK: World Englishes, Gender and Sexuality, Food and Equity, and Ethnic Minorities. Dr. WANG Lixun, the Associate Dean (International Engagement) of the Faculty of Humanities of the Education University of Hong Kong was invited to deliver a captivating lecture titled “Embracing Diversity in English: A Journey through World Englishes”. Moreover, the audience had the pleasure of hearing from nine student speakers who have completed the NGCE programme to share their unique perspectives on the four topics and their journeys of growing to be a global citizen.