Rules and Regulations

For the purposes of these Rules and Regulations:

  •  ‘Contest’ refers to the Youth in Digital Activism: Global Citizenship Advocacy Contest 2024.
  •  ‘Entrant’ means any eligible individual or group (if in a team) who has successfully applied to the contest.
  •  ‘Entry’ means any work that is submitted for the purposes of this contest.
  •  ‘NGCE project team’ refers to the staff members who are responsible for the ‘Nurturing Global Citizenship through English’ project.


  1. The entry must be the entrant’s original work and it does not infringe any copyright of any person.
  2. The entry must be the entrant’s first published work which has never been published in any exhibitions/ any related events or submitted in other contests.
  3. The entry must not contain obscene, violent, pornographic, defamatory, objectionable, insulting or any content that is deemed controversial or inappropriate by the NGCE project team.
  4. The entrant must ensure all information provided to be genuine and correct. The entrant with dishonest or incorrect information, or has been verified as so after report, will be disqualified. The entrant shall hold full responsibility for any subsequent loss caused to Language Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University; Independent Learning Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Centre for Language in Education, The Education University of Hong Kong or any third party.
  5. After the submission, the entry cannot not be modified, exchanged or returned.
  6. If the entry contains authorized material(s) or requests a permission during video recording or photo shooting, the entrant should obtain the authorization(s) from the copyright owner(s) or corresponding venue owner(s). The entrant may be requested to show their approval documents.
  7. The entrant shall grant the usage rights, including renaming, copying, editing, displaying, distributing, broadcasting the entry in part or in entirety through any channel/medium for education and promotion purposes, for the NGCE programme. If the entry contains authorized material(s), the entrant should obtain the authorization(s) of the right to reproduce from the copyright owner(s).
  8. All decisions made by the judging panel are final.
  9. All prizes are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged.
  10. The NGCE project team has the full authority to make final decisions in all matters related to this contest, including the terms and conditions, prizes and other arrangements without prior notification.
  11. The entrant is regarded to accept the above terms and conditions upon submitting the entry. Any violation of the terms and conditions may result in disqualification from the contest, subject to the final discretion of the NGCE project team. There is no appeal mechanism in this contest.
  12. Plagiarism is not accepted under any circumstances. All works suspected of plagiarism shall be disqualified.
  13. The NGCE project team reserves the right to change, extend or cancel the contest due to any unforeseen circumstances