NGCE Poster Exhibition

To mark the completion of the first official run of the course LANG0036: Nurturing Global Citizenship Through English, a poster exhibition was held on Jan 12, 2024 at HKBU TriAngle.

Featuring over 30 thought-provoking posters designed by HKBU students, the exhibition advocated for social, political and environmental change in various global issues, such as fast fashion, sustainable consumption, and climate change.

Over 50 staff members from various departments in HKBU, including but not limited to, the General Education Office, Research Office, Office of Institutional Research and Planning, the Centre of Innovation and Service Learning, and the Language Centre came to appreciate our students’ hard work. Students showed up to present their work and share their learning experiences in the programme to our guests and visitors and even invited their own friends to support them.

We are especially glad to have the CUHK team join us on this happy day, despite their busy schedules. The Poster Exhibition has shown that we can all make a difference in the world with our actions through raising awareness of global issues and calling for immediate change in our behaviors, attitudes, and values.

Photo Gallery

Poster Exhibition Video